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Handyman Woodland HillsHandyman Woodland Hills can assist you with home improvement services of all sizes cause we know that you can’t do everything.  Well, we can.  Serving the city of Woodland Hills for over 2 decades, we are proud of the leadership we possess in order to help homeowners throughout the Woodland Hills community with their home repair or improvement projects. We understand that you might not have enough time in the day to get that done, but Handyman Woodland Hills can.

Handyman Woodland Hills Services

Woodland Hills HandymanNow is the time to get those projects started!

  1. Repair that screen door
  2. Re-grout that bathroom tile
  3. Paint that hallway
  4. Fix the hole in your roof
  5. Repair that garage door spring
  6. Mend that fence and paint it
  7. Replace that garbage disposal
  8. Repair the bedroom window
  9. Electrical system repair

Handyman Woodland Hills Helps You!

Do any of these projects sound like your “Do it yourself” list but you never get to the part of “doing it?” or is this the “Honey do this?” list? Well, one of the leading factors of frustrated housewives is when the “Honey do this?” never gets done.

Consider your options:

Marriage counselor: $185.00 per hour – starting


Handyman $75.00 per hour -starting

Its an easy choice considering when you can compare that it costs less to have a happy home than a separation. Anyways, kidding aside, our handyman services can guarantee your satisfaction 100% so its smart if you give us a call and have us come down to give you a quote on your next home improvement or handyman job.  Our handyman services are offered 7 days a week, including holidays if you want to spare those!  Have a garbage disposal that needs replacing? Have a porch that needs repair?  We can do that too!

Handyman ServicesWhen you call, ask about child-proofing your home as well. We are all about making sure that your home investment is safe for your entire family. Whether it be the electrical outlets, your windows, doors or your wooden floors. We make sure that its safe for your family to be in. Before leaving, we usually have our friends at Reseda Handyman take a look because a second pair of eyes is always better than one.

Improving the energy efficiency of your home is also a quality that Handyman Woodland Hill likes to brag about as well. Our handyman can provide you with 21 point by point inspection of your home to make sure that it meets all of the state of California energy efficiency standards so that you can save money on your home energy bill every month. The more you save money on your home, the more that you get back on your investment to improve yet more on other small items that need to be done around your home.

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Take a short read on what customers experience with us :

I’m a doctor and I’m based in Woodland Hills. I really don’t have a lot of time to do a lot of the home improvements here around my house. I hired a handyman from Woodland Hills Handyman services to help me. I needed a water heater replaced and they sent over a handyman who went ahead and replaced that for me the same day! I was really pleased with his work!

We can help you on your next wall painting project, drywall project, ceramic tile project, replacing the that garbage disposal or replacing that toilet that you never use. Its a great piece of mind to know that when you need a reliable and trust worthy company likeservices in tow, that you can call them when you need them

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Don’t wait, If you’re in the Woodland Hills area call today for a free quote and our handyman service will help you get the most out of your home investment.

If you need any handyman assistance in the Beverly Hills area, then call our sister company of Woodland Hills handyman today! If you need any Woodland Hills help, then you can also call (818) 294-7168 for Handyman Woodland Hills as well, another sister company!